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Learn how to cut hair online from one of the most well trained Barbers to ever walk the planet…..Literally!

Master Barber Tim Hite is sharing the tiny details of cutting hair that has made him one of the most successful Barbers of our time.

The Taper is the traditional haircut of the Barber.  It is the heavy hitter in the men’s league of hair cuts.  The Taper is the standard of the Barber industry.  Made famous by Hollywood, the taper haircut is a must know for anyone wanting to cut like a professional barber.  This classic haircut offers a perfect graduation from skin to hair in an unmatched learning technique on both men and woman’s cuts.

Learn from Master Barber, Tim Hite as you learn the secrets of the taper haircut.  These methods have been proven to achieve professional results in a shorter amount of time while allowing the Barber to become more consistent and earn greater amounts of money!

Tim Hite is a Master Barber with skills that can’t be matched

  • Has more training and education as a Barber than any other Barber today!
  • Has personally taught more individuals Barbering than any other individual that is alive to date
  • Licensed Barber for over 60 years
  • Received the highest level of advanced training possible both nationally and internationally in numerous methods in the art of cutting hair
  • Master of every major cutting method including Pivot Point, Roffler, Redken, Paul Mitchell, Vidal Sasson, and many others

Now you can learn from Master Barber Tim Hite himself!

Master Barber Tim Hite takes you on a course on how to achieve a smooth taper haircut.  Watch detailed videos that focus on each area of the haircut followed up by questions designed to increase your understanding.  Finish the course with a final written exam to test your learning. Learn his secrets as he demonstrates the rare details that will help you achieve a smooth taper haircut.

The methods taught in this taper course are extremely effective.  If you learn to follow the principles demonstrated in this course, You will be able to provided a successful taper haircut!

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“Tim Hite is the ultimate Master of the taper haircut.  I learned the taper haircut from Mr. Hite over 47 years ago.  It has been the main stay money maker of my Barbering career.  Mr. Hite’s online course teaches the correct way of cutting the taper haircut.  All of his courses are excellent.”

Milt Larsen,   Holiday UT   

Traditional Master Barber

An actual course, not plain videos

This is not just a set of videos but rather a course that requires student interaction.  The internet is full of  “one trick ponies” that are offering their training videos but have limited formal training.   This is  an actual online course that focuses on the principles of the taper haircut that are not found anywhere else.  You will learn rare techniques that when followed will allow individuals to cut hair with more precision in a shorter amount of time.  This is not an amateur course but rather an online course that allows you to interact as part of the learning process.

You can not find this level of training anywhere else online!

These secrets have not been made available out side of Mr. Hite’s private students until now.  These skills took him over 60 years while training in numerous countries to obtain.

Now he is sharing these techniques with you!

“Mr. Hite is incredible.   He is extremely gifted.  As a Barber for over 40 years, I have never witnessed anyone cut hair as smooth as he does.  I have taken his taper course numerous times and can’t get enough.  Mr. Hite is a gift”.

Nick Ross, New Jersey

licensed Barber

Extremely beneficial for all levels

Master Barber Tim Hite has personally taught more individuals barbering than anyone else alive.  No one else understands how to effectively teach individuals the skills of Barbering better than Master Barber Tim Hite.

The Taper Course has been designed to help students of all levels retain high levels of material that can be directly applied to the real world.    Beginning Barbers along with experienced barbers will benefit form this course. The course was designed with a scientific approach using the latest technology in order to allow each student to retain high levels of content.  The skills learned can be immediately applied to the real world.

The course if filled with unique methods that have only been shared with direct students of Master Barber Tim Hite until now.  These methods, if followed, will provide the ability to charage a much higher price.

“I was intrigued by the way Mr. Hite cleaned up the nape area with such precision.  He made a challenging detail look flawless and easy.  He is a consummate professional!”

Ket Jackson   Licensed Barber/Instructor


Topics learned

The course consists of 6 chapters

The Nape
* Building the Taper free style without guards or attachments
Cutting the sides
* How to use three specific landmarks when cutting the sides
* How to create the perfect arch around the ear
How to achieve a smooth clipper cut
* Blending vs. bulk cuts. When, where, and how

Blending the Crepe
* How to blend the taper into the crepe without lines

Cutting the Top
* The secret to avoid creating lines in blond and light gray hair
* Tips and tricks when using the shears

Finish like the Master
* The importance of developing the velvet touch
* The proper use of the finishing clippers

The Taper Course is an online clipper class that addresses a complete taper haircut.

  • No guards or attachments are used
  • All but one chapter is performed with the use of clippers
  • The top of the haircut is demonstrated with the use of shears
  • Students will view small video segments with detailed instruction
  • Students are then able to interact with the course through quizzes and a 37 question final exam
  • The course is designed in a manner that will allow for high content retention
  • The course is generally will take 45 – 60 minutes to complete. Students are encouraged to review the course a minimum of three times


  • Students can review the course as needed without limit for three days. After 72 hrs from first log-in the user license will expire and the student will no longer have access to the course material.
  • Once purchased the user log-in information will be emailed within 2-4 hours during normal business hours.  Please allow for extended delay during weekends.
  • Tools are not included in the course.  Tools can be purchased through The Barber School.  For details email us at info@ebarberschool.com
  • This online course currently can not be used for credit toward a Barber license in any state

These techniques have been proven over decades with thousands of students.  Without question these techniques are effective and will make you money.

  • Obtain skills that resemble a true master that can not be found anywhere else
  • These secrets have not been available to the public until now
  • Earn more money buy providing a better haircut than your competition
  • Gain the ability to charge more for your haircuts
  • Learn true barber skills in the privacy of your own home

See for yourself

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“This Taper Course is informative, useful and I can’t tell you how it has improved my understanding of the taper haircut and it’s components.   I will benefit greatly from this course in future so as to “continue learning” throughout my career as a professional Barber.  Tell Mr. Hite I’m still learning and won’t stop now, thanks to him.  Keep it coming”.

Mitchell T. Palmer   Licensed Barber

Owner Gentleman Barbershop, Draper UT


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